Jessie Phoenix Jewelry

Jessie Phoenix is a jewelry maker and shamanic practitioner living in Courtenay, BC. She makes beautiful art embodied with healing energy. Her connection with nature and passion for doing good in the world was evident from the moment we met. We began working with her when she was transitioning from selling at face-to-face craft shows to an online store on her website ( We worked with her to focus her message and enhance her social media following. In addition, we shot a series of product photos and produced multiple short promotional videos for social media. The projects all communicated Jessie’s artisanal craft, a love of nature, and her desire to create work that has meaning in the world.

I Stand With Standing Rock

This promotional video was for a fundraising effort Jessie created to raffle off one of her pieces to support protests happening in the United States. The video tells a bit of the story behind the piece, and why it is important to her to support the work of anti-pipeline activism.

Product Photography

Jessie’s social media is one of her primary forms of advertising, so we aimed to create photos that would show of her piece and infuse elements of the natural world.